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Welcome to sfbayarea, the community for the greater San Francisco bay area!

Common Questions

What is sfbayarea? - It's a shared community that is posted to and read by over a thousand people.

Who moderates sfbayarea? - I do. Hi... I'm insomnia. Hope you enjoy sfbayarea!

How do I join it? - Click here.

How do I post to it? - Read the community FAQs to learn how to use communities, and please read the posting guidelines below before making your first post.

posting guidelines

1> Keep your posts on topic! If the subject of your post isn't about or geared towards the Bay Area, it doesn't belong in
sfbayarea. If you have a question which isn't specific to the San Francisco bay area, please make your post to communities such as ask_us, or do a search by interest to find a community better-suited in which to ask your question.

2> No spam. Sfbayarea is primarily a non-commercial community, specifically focusing on life in the Bay Area. For this reason, it is not the place to promote any business that isn't small and entirely locally based, although there may be acceptable situations for promoting non-commerical events. If you are a business owner or representative, please contact the admin of sfbayarea first ( insomnia @ livejournal.com ) before posting to sfbayarea about your business, in order to clarify how you can use the community and to seek advanced approval on how you may interact with the community's members.

Although individual members of sfbayarea can promote events, list goods for sale, and even list professional services they can offer others on an individual basis, I request that these promotions be done in a very straightforward manner. Just the facts, please. Anything that sounds or feels like a sales pitch rather than a straightforward statement of fact may be grounds for a post to be pulled. Event details or images can be linked to, or added behind an lj-cut tag. Also, if you are regularly promoting many different events, don't post in sfbayarea every other day. Post a monthly list, or link to a calendar of events on your website. If your post feels like spam to me, then it may go kaplooie, and, in extreme cases, you may lose your rights to use the community.

3> Don't repost! If you are promoting an event, have a question to ask, or have something to say, we'd like to hear about it... exactly once. We do not, however, need multiple reminders, nor do we need to hear every week about where you're deejaying. If you do several events each month, tell us about them once a month. Any more than that is just overkill, and needs to be approved first by your humble moderator -- see below for details on contacting me.

4> Use photos (and video!) sparingly and respectfully. In the past, large photos for events flooded the group and caused many complaints. As a result, photos or video posted for events, businesses, or money-making purposes are no longer allowed, unless put behind an lj-cut tag. Non-profit or private events, sales, etc. are not exempted. All other posts are allowed to contain photos related to the San Francisco Bay Area, but they should be no larger than 480x360, with only one photo per post. All additional photos should be behind an lj-cut tag. No use of images for signature purposes, banners, or fonts is allowed.

5> Obey the rules of netiquette! These rules are available here, and will make everyone's experience with this community better. Read them. Use them. Love them.

6> Don't promote online businesses or communities you're involved with in sfbayarea! This isn't the place for that. Also, if you want to organize gatherings of sfbayarea members you have my permission, but do not call it "a LiveJournal gathering", or promote gatherings for LiveJournal, Craigslist, Tribe, or any other online service in this community.

7> Use short, informative posts! If your posts are longer than 10 lines or so, or if you want to include an image in your post, please use an lj-cut tag. (This goes double for promotion/events oriented posts.) Also, please format your posts so that they are wide, rather than long. Using fewer "hard returns" makes posts shorter and easier to browse.

8> Use standard text sizes, standard formatting, and plain English. Use standard sized fonts only -- no headline fonts, "font+" tags, or anything else that would make your fonts larger than normal. Limit yourself to bold and italicized text only. Don't use marquee text, flashing, numerous loud colors, etc. Also, if you have the ability to post in English, please do so... especially if you're promoting an event. More people will understand you that way. That said, I absolutely approve the use of translations in sfbayarea posts. Please put translated text behind an lj-cut tag.

9> Be responsible for the community. Be nice to people, and encourage people to be nice to each other and to follow the guidelines. If you notice someone disobey the guidelines, tell them respectfully what they did, and educate them on the guidelines in a friendly, helpful manner. If they do it again or things get a bit heated on any issue, send me an email and I will look into the matter.

10> sfbayarea is a "no flame zone". No flaming, trolling, or casting of flamebait. Don't bring fights into this community, don't expect to fight them out here, and don't go trolling for fights. Also, if someone does troll or post flamebait, please don't get drawn into the argument -- let them know they are violating this rule, and email me instead. Don't feed the trolls. Thank you.

11> Respect community. Community is, by definition, allowing people to interact. As a result, I expect all posts to sfbayarea to have commenting enabled, and for people to not play "games" in obstructing interaction or otherwise censoring general feedback. If someone "games" the community and their posts to it in ways that I judge to be damaging to the free flow of information, unnecessarily flamewar inducing, etc., I reserve the right to do something about it. If you've created a post and someone is unfairly attacking you or violating the posting guidelines, then please contact me and I'll look into it. Likewise, if someone makes a post you hate, don't create a counterpost and provoke drama. Contact me and I'll take a look at the situation, and see if the issue can be dealt with in a less divisive manner.

There are probably other rules I could think of, but ultimately it comes down to respecting others. Enjoy sfbayarea, use it as a way to meet new friends, share activities, hold gatherings, and bring members together. It's your community. Have fun with it!

Spread the Word!

It can be hard to find communities, and many people don't even know how to use them or post to them. So, if you get the chance, please introduce others to this community. If anyone needs to know how to use communities, they should go here for more information.

Suggestions, problems, questions?

Contact this community's admin, insomnia, at insomnia @ livejournal dot com...
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